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Tachibana's Edo & Tokyo Confectionary

Edohana Tachibana Dorayaki (Course red bean filling)

Our confections are made with choice Japanese
ingredients, especially ones sourced from the Tokyo area.

The flour, eggs, sugar, salt, adzuki red beans, milk, vegetables, and green tea we use in our traditional confections are all grown and produced in Japan. Our most popular items are the ningoyaki doll-shaped cakes filled with adzuki paste, kotaiyaki mini fish-shaped adzuki-filled cakes, Edohana Tachibana dorayaki adzuki-paste-filled pancakes, and Tokyo sable cookies. All these are certified as Tokyo Metropolitan Government Certified Locally Sourced Food Products, because they use locally sourced ingredients and are produced using traditional agricultural techniques dating to the Edoperiod (1603-1868) and recipes passed down since the Meiji era (1868-1912) that are unique to the Tokyo area.

Our dorayaki is made using Yanagikubo wheat, which is characterized by its high moisture content and its unique aroma. Due to its difficulty to mass produce, Yanagikubo wheat is exceedingly rare, often called “”phantom wheat”” because production of it ceased entirely for many years, only coming back in recent years. Using this rare wheat, we created a rich dough that produces a flavorful dorayaki. Each of our dorayaki are carefully branded with our tachibana flower family crest.

A Tokyo Brand, Tokyo Ingredients

No matter where you look in Japan, you will never find anything like them. Our Tokyo confections are made with safe and reliable domestic ingredients with a special emphasis on procuring local Tokyo ingredients. Our Ningyoyaki is a popular Tokyo souvenir. Using top-quality adzuki red beans from Hokkaido, we offer three different varieties: koshian, or smooth red bean paste; tsubuan, or whole-bean red bean paste; and shiroan, or white bean paste. The ningyoyaki come in a variety of shapes, including the Seven Gods of Fortune, cranes, turtles, and various flowers. The crane and turtle are also symbols of good fortune and longevity in Japan. The ningyoyaki is sweet, complemented by the chewy dough.

Nostalgic Yet Novel Confections

We produce monaka wafers, dorayaki pancakes, vegetable cakes, and other confections with flavors that are reminiscent of one's mother's homemade sweets, while still feeling new and distinct. This newness stems from the high quality, fresh ingredients used. Tachibana Tenshinan has revived these traditional, homemade confections and made them even more delicious. Our Edohana Tachibana Monaka' wafers are made with wafer shells produced by Kagadane, a famous monaka producer based in the city of Kanazawa. The shell dough contains top quality glutinous rice as its base, and it is baked into the shape of a chrysanthemum. Our filling is made according to our secret formula using carefully selected adzuki red beans from Hokkaido. The harmony between the crispy texture of the wafer shell and

the delicious sweetness of the red bean paste is like no other.

Edo-Tokyo Traditional Vegetable Sweets; Tokyo Sable Green tea; and Edo Hana Tachibana Cherry Blossom Monaka

Imagine the Smiles

Our products are ideal for any occasion: a treat for the family, sweets for a party, or small gifts at festivals and celebrations. Tachibana Tenshinan’s traditional confections their deliciousness, novelty, and nostalgia will convey the giver’s sentiment and put smiles on faces. Seasonal goods include our Cherry Blossom Monaka and our green tea sable cookies made with 100 percent butter and tea leaves cultivated in Tokyo.