Delicious, new, and nostalgic. Confectionery made
with 100% Japan-sourced ingredients.

Tachibana Tenshinan, established in 1980, manufactures and retails traditional Japanese confectionery: the Tokyo specialty ningoyaki, doll-shaped red-bean cakes; dorayaki, red-bean-paste-filled pancakes; monaka, red-bean-filled wafers; Tokyo vegetable cakes, whose recipe has been handed down for more than two centuries; and green-tea-flavored, cherry-leaf-flavored, and chrysanthemum-petal sable cookies. Moreover, our store sells green tea, artificial flower arrangements, and other implements for use in tea ceremonies and ikebana. We pride ourselves on upholding Japanese culture and tradition, and the fine expertise of producing Japanese confections.


Company Name Tachibana Tenshinan Co., Ltd.
Date of Establishment 4/21/1980
Head Office Location 4-31-5 Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0012
Location of Factories 6-49-25 Fujimicho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-0013
Representative Tohru Yoshizaki
Company Site (Japanese)
Major Business Partners Jalux Inc., Fujita Kanko Inc., Nomura Medias Co., Ltd., Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd.
Industry Food Manufacturing  and sales
Achievements Certified as Tokyo Metropolitan Government Certified Locally Sourced Food Products

Product Certifications, Patents
and Trademarks

Domestic Trademarks: 橘点心庵 (Tachibana Tenshinan), 江戸花橘
(Edo Hana Tachibana), 江戸の粋 (Edo no iki), VIVID Tokyo, Piece of Meteor Tokyo Metropolitan Government Certified Locally Sourced Food Products,Preparation of a “Sanitation Management Plan” using the “Guide for Sanitation Management; incorporating the HACCP Concept”